An Uncandid Portrait

An Uncandid Portrait is an immersive character study of completely fictitious characters. An exclusive all access pass to the deepest and darkest corners of its completely imagined subjects. It’s a chance to intimately engage in the fabricated work and lives of  tricksters who might just shift your perspective.

​We like to say if Black Mirror was developed in the technology department of a university, then An Uncandid Portrait was probably cooked up in the basement of an unemployed Arts and Humanities major. 

Portrait 1“I’m No Holiday”

A  portrait of world renowned fireworks photographer, Lawrence Sendas (Steve Zahn), as he attempts to reframe his work through the memory of lost love.

Portrait 2“Safe. And Wasting Everyone’s Time”

A portrait of Dez Cuvre’ (Rosemarie Dewitt) an improvisational dance choreographer who signs up to choreograph her teenage sons dance recital sending her on a journey of self discovery.

Portrait 3“Gone Today. Here Tomorrow.”

A portrait of a love-lorn French street chalk artist, Gaspar Chevrolet, (Fabien Frankel) as he makes his way across The United States, leaving fleeting chalk murals in his wake.