Why. What. Who.

Why. What. Who.


We believe in inspiring and being inspired. We believe in collaborating on stories that embrace the strangely beautiful, melancholic and funny world we all inhabit. We believe we got it right as kids when we put everything we had into our art and presented it to our loved ones as if it were sacred. And we believe it’s time we got back to doing more of that.


We make stories. Macaroni Art Productions is the result of people, totally committed to the art of storytelling, creating experiences that are authentic, personal, and deeply satisfying. We trust in leaps of doing. We love shipping and sharing our work whether it’s a minute long or a hundred minutes long, whether it’s a narrative or documentary.


Rick Gomez

Founder of Macaroni Art Productions. Writer, Director, Producer, Actor.

Steve Zahn

Founder of Macaroni Art Productions. Producer, Actor, Writer.

Coby Toland

Co-Founder of Macaroni Art Productions. Producer, Editor.

Rick Page

Producer and Director of Photography.

Jenny Gomez


Robyn Peterman


Brie Dinges

Associate Producer and Coordinator

Courtney Jones



Macaroni Art Productions is honored to be working with such talented storytellers as these. Learn more about them by clicking their social media links.

Noemie Yost Fine Artist

Tony Canonico Graphic Designer

Kimberly Wang Brand Storyteller & Photographer

Scott Hall Post Production/Kentucky Production Liason